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Healing effect karimbuya (Euphobia neriifolia Linn.) latex in burn wounds using albino rats.


arnida c. corpuz

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College of Nursing - Isabela State University

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Research Project


Traditionally, many people have believed in the healing power of herbal medicines to treat or prevent illness. Even at the modern age, herbal medicines continue to be used widely as an alternative medicine. This experimental study was conducted to determine the healing effect of Karimbuaya (Euphorbia neriifolia Linn.) latex in burn wounds using albino rats. Completely randomized design design was used. Twenty (20) healthy albino rats were utilized in the study. They are distributed into 4 treatment replicated 5 times. All treatments were applied once a day, T1 (ointment), T2 (pure latex), T3 (commercial drug) and T4 (control group). Based on the result of physical assessment after 14 days of observation, results showed that the T2 (pure latex) has significant difference on the treatments only to crust formation which means that T2 (pure latex) has a better performance in the healing wounds that the other treatments. On the other hand, T1 (ointment) and T3 (commercial drug) are not significantly different in scar formation, thus T1 (ointment) can be alternative medicine for first to burn wounds in the absence of commercial brands. This result is confirmed in the result of histopathology that T2 (pure latex) ranked second to the commercial drug (silver Sulfadiazine) in burn wound healing. Community health nurses, can therefore recommend to patients with burn wounds to apply pure latex directly on the burn wounds as first aid treatment 


1. Bigoniya, P. Shukla A.. (2007, November 30). A Comprehensive Phyto -pharmacological Review of Euphorbia neriifolia. A Pharmacognosy Review. . Retrieved from: http://www.sorosoro.org.html

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