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Active users' testimony of the medicinal use of water lettuce.


Luke Marc C. Lano

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Research Project


Water lettuce is thick, soft, light green leaves forming rosette that conceals small female flower- the seed bearing fruits.  This study aimed to determine the different testimonies from active users of Barangay Mabbayad, Echague, Isabela using and preparing Water Lettuce (Pistria stratiotes linn) its therapeutic effect and its bioactive components.  Descriptive phenomenological method was used. Thirteen (13) active users served as the respondents wherein ages, gender, highest educational attainment, religious affiliation and monthly income was gathered. Preparation made were decoction, infusion and grinding for their galenical wherin dizziness, frequent urination and no side effect was observed. The herb used to regulate their hypertension, treating arthritis, diabetic, asthma and wound healing for it contains flavonoids, antraquinones, cardiac glycocides strattioxides II -the major component, may or may not contain tannin or no saponin.  Study concluded that it is an anti-duretic, bronchodilator, anti-asthma, anti-ciceptive, anti-oxidant, wound healing, cytotoxicity, antimicrobial, neuropharmacologic properties and anti-diabetic.  However, further clinical studies must be conducted expanding the understanding of the herb, its contraindication and toxicity level for it might be harmful if used excessively and for people to convince on the healing ability.  Other forms of analysis in the plant are soundly recommended to know all the components of the herb using crude extraction and thin layer chromatography.


1. Lano, Luke Marc C.. Active users. Isabela State University_Echague. 2014. (BS) Isabela State University, 2014

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